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Technical Service

KEHUA 3A (Assured, Apropos and Active) Service System is of proven efficiency. Currently KEHUA has 16 technical service centres, 60 domestic and overseas technical service outlets, with one-stop supply of spare parts to minimize rush repair and maintenance time. In more than 100 countries around the world, over 500 professional engineers from KEHUA work at customer sites to create one outstanding project after another.



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KEHUA 3A Service System – Assured Apropos Active


Professional Team

KEHUA service team is of rich experience in power distribution solutions and product O&M, with accumulation of maintenance practices for millions sets of equipment and systems.

Training and Guidance

Materials and seminars to assist installation, commissioning, product update etc.


24/7 Online Support

With customer-orientation, we provide full life cycle service, timely respond to enquiries and and quickly solve problems of customers.

Onsite Support

Service outlets widely spread across China, US, India, France, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia etc.