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Central-distributed PV System Solution is designed for complex terrain solar plants. The distributed photovoltaic power generation solution refers to a new and efficient photovoltaic power generation solution, which uses distributed MPPT centralized grid connected power generation form, realizes multi-channel MPPT optimization function through front-end multiple MPPT control optimizers, and uses centralized inverter for inverter after convergence.


KEHUA central-distributed system solution uses the central inverter connected with a group of MPPT combiner boxes which has the advantages of multi-channel MPPT design. In the scheme, the DC transmission voltage is increased to 800vdc, and the AC output voltage is increased to 520vac, so the cost of AC and DC cables is greatly reduced; the 1~5 MW large capacity PV block can be realized, further reducing the system cost. and convenient O&M, effectively solving the problem of power generation loss caused by component mismatch. The system is of cost efficient and high power generation, which is suitable for a variety of application scenarios.